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Generally, we provide FAST 24-48 hour turn-around. If we are unable to meet this deadline due to current work load, you will be notified beforehand.

Yes and no. The process to complete your order starts a few minutes after you submit the addresses for us to research. If you made a mistake on the address or need to cancel fro any reason call us immediately or click on the "contact us" link and get in touch with us immediately before we begin the process. Usually we can cancel or change the address without an issue if it was placed in the hour, after that cancelation is at our discretion since we may have started working on your address already. 

We will search as far back as necessary in order to find the last deed of transfer with monetary consideration. However, every county has records dating back to a different year.

We send a file with all attachments via email.

Yes. If the lien is recorded against the property, our Title Search report will show it. 

APN# or Parcel Number is sufficient to run a title search. Enter APN# or Parcel Number in the address field of the Title Search Address Order Page along with City and State.

Absolutely, yes. Buyers need to verify all liens and mortgages against the property before offering to bid on the property at the sheriff's sale. It is very common that the bid amount at the auction does not reflect the total lien amount against the property. All liens associated with a foreclosed property transfer to a new owner (except for certain types of sheriff's sales).

The legal description of the property is a unique parcel number with all lot dimensions around the property. 

A Deed is an official document showing the change in property ownership.

Documents are typically searched in an index directory where the search can be done using certain information.

A mortgage is a legal contract between lender and borrower that would allow lender to certain rights to the property in the case of a mortgage default?

Upon paying off the mortgage with a given lender, the lender would issue a mortgage release against the property.

A lien is a claim against the property or the owner that is left unfulfilled.

An assignment is most likely the term used with mortgage assignments. The action of transferring mortgage debt from one lender to another.

Lis pendens is a term used to indicate that foreclosure action is initiated against the owner (or property).

You have to order a Full Title Search service. A bank is counted as current owner, while the liens on the house are most likely carried over from the previous owner.