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A Full Search is a search that provides the current vesting deed and all deeds leading back 60 years or to a developer. Also included are copies of any open mortgages and assignments against any owners who have had ownership of the property in the past 60 years, any judgments and liens against those same owners, and also tax assessment and current tax information including any delinquencies.

  • Detailed full Title search on Current and Previous owners.
  • The search should include all names in the chain of title and should report liens and judgments for all owners, current and past. The names must be run for general liens, such as judgments and federal tax liens, for the full statutory period applicable for the state.
  • In addition, all defects, liens, and encumbrances specifically referred to in the documents revealed in the search must be reported as exceptions, unless properly disposed of.
  • Includes searches related to property lien, easements, CC & Rs-covenants, conditions and restrictions, agreements, and resolutions and ordinances that affect real property.
  • Full historical searches up to 60 years.

Price: $135.00